The Search for a Superintendent Continues.

New Plymouth School Board

June 14, 2023

For immediate release
New Plymouth Superintendent Search Continues
On May 8th, when Dr. Sotutu gave notice of his resignation effective June 30, 2023, the New Plymouth School Board immediately began the search for a new superintendent.
Although the timing made it difficult to find a new superintendent for the 2023-2024 school year, six applicants applied by the tight deadline of May 30. A screening committee, composed of the Board and one patron from each of the five zones, and one member of the District’s leadership team, narrowed the field to four candidates for interview. One of those candidates withdrew before completing the interview process. Three candidates—Dr. Ben Merrill, Mr. Scott Poncy, and Mr. Dallan Rupp--were interviewed on Tuesday, June 13. None of them were selected. So the search continues and, given the late timing, the school board may be looking for an interim superintendent to get us into the next hiring season.
“We appreciate the hard work the screening committee has done, and we appreciate the interests of the individuals who were interested in taking the job,” Chairman Marc Haws said. “Our work continues and we need to get this right. We are grateful for the continuing interest and patience of our parents and patrons. We have a wonderful community with great schools, so we expect that we will be able to find a good match in our next school superintendent.” Angie Robinson, one of the patrons asked to serve on the search committee agreed, “We considered each of the applicants carefully, but we just feel we need to look further.”
Chairman Haws also noted that Dr. David Sotutu has done a very good job of leading the schools and helping the New Plymouth community grow through the last five years. “Dave and his family have been integral in New Plymouth and they will be greatly missed.”