Superintendent Candidates

Throughout my 20-year career in education, I have experienced educational opportunities ranging from serving as a classroom teacher, football and wrestling coach, principal, superintendent, and college dean. I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education with an emphasis in History, a Master's Degree in Educational Administration, an Educational Specialist Degree, and an Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership. As a school principal and superintendent, I have developed a positive network with area families, teachers, and administrators, which will benefit this role. I have also had the opportunity to speak at the state and national level on education topics.
I have also completed a Doctoral dissertation on developing, training, and implementing an Early Warning System to identify and intervene through multiple interventions to ensure all students have an opportunity for success and no one falls through the cracks.
As the Dean of Career and Technical Education, each day, I have the opportunity to witness the value of training students in a career field that aligns with their aptitude and interests. I aim to develop career pathways based on our students' needs while striving to meet industry and community demand. Our educational system must remain flexible to the needs of our families and must not adopt a one-size-fits-all style. Developing robust CTE programs that prepare students with high-value career options is equally vital to preparing our college-bound students for their next steps. I want NP Schools to prepare the next generation of Idaho's best welders and doctors.
The first step in creating educational excellence starts with a positive culture. I believe that the student's experience begins with opportunities, be those athletics, activities, clubs or academic programs designed to engage and excite them. By valuing a well-rounded educational experience, students will be primed to succeed in the classroom.
I am excited about the possibility of joining the New Plymouth School Board, staff, students, and families.
Dr. Ben Merrill
This letter is to inform you of my interest in the superintendent position within
the New Plymouth School District and would appreciate the opportunity to be
considered as a candidate for the position. I have worked for the New Plymouth
School District for 10 years as a teacher and coach and for 5 years as an
athletic director. Prior to working in New Plymouth, I was a teacher and coach in
the Mountain Home School District. I would embrace the opportunity to teach,
lead, and guide the students and staff of this school district and would
appreciate the opportunity to help them grow as individuals.
In the time that I have worked as a PE teacher, coach, and athletic director, I
have worked hard to learn what I can about teaching students the skills that will
help them succeed in the future. As a young teacher in 2008 I began my
master's degree from Walden University in education with an emphasis in
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. I wanted to improve my teaching and
improve my knowledge of what good teaching should look like. I have taken
pride in my ability to not just be a PE teacher and coach, but to truly be an
effective teacher who strategically guides my students through the systematic
process of learning. Four years ago, I wanted more in my career as an educator.
I decided that I had the ability to help more students than I was currently
reaching and decided that becoming an administrator was the next challenge in
my career. I began my studies in Educational Leadership through Grand Canyon
University and completed the program in July of 2020.
While I may not be the candidate with the most experience, I do believe that I
am the candidate who will have the ability establish a growth mindset within the
New Plymouth School District that creates lifelong learners. Those who I have
supervised and work with in the past will attest to my ability to work with others
as a servant leader. Additional strengths that will lead to my success as
superintendent are my effective communication and organization skills, my
persistent work ethic, and my ability to collaborate and make smart decisions.
As you get to know me in the interview process you will learn that I am led by
the values of love, honesty, growth, commitment, and discipline.  
Dallan Rupp
My Name is Scott Poncy and I am currently an Elementary School administrator
in Ontario Oregon. I am married with 2 kids and we are in the process of
building a home in Marsing where our family lives. It is with great excitement
that I share my journey within this packet, in hopes to be part of such a great
district as you have.
In my resume you will notice in addition to a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's
Degree, I have a Mild/Mod Disabilities Credential in Special Education, Multiple
Subject Credential, and an Administrative Services Credential. Over the course
of my career, I have gained experience teaching grades ranging from Pre-K to
8th grade, both in special education and general education. I then moved to the
district office as a Teacher on Special Assignment for the office of Instructional
Technology and later served as an administrator in the Special Education
Department. I have provided support to school sites with student information
systems, assessment data analysis, professional development (educational
software, Common Core, computer basics, iPad implementation and use, etc.),
and numerous other tasks related to professional development, program
improvement, and data analysis.
As a Program Specialist for our Special Education Department, I was a leader
and support to all sites, supervised Occupational Therapists for the district, and
ran the Assistive Technology Program for the District. That role also required
managing numerous meetings and communications with advocates. It was my
role to represent the district office in resolving those situations prior to
mediation. Moving on from there, I gained site administrative experience as a
K-8 Assistant Principal, K-5 Assistant Principal and as an Elementary School
Principal. All of the aspects in developing a positive goal driven culture,
managing people, programs, curriculum, site budget, basic building
management, and the many other duties that arise have contributed to my
growth in becoming an effective and well versed leader.
Out of all of this experience I have developed a leadership philosophy that is
servant based. I believe that a leader best serves those he or she oversees by
working for them and with them. It is important to take the lead and make the
tough decisions but to really maximize our staff abilities and contentment in
their careers we must share the responsibility in setting up systems for students
to achieve at their highest possible potential. Some of the attributes that I
embrace within this style are being a good listener, empathetic, committed to
growth, being a good steward, having foresight, and the ability to conceptualize
both long and short term goals for our district, to name a few.
Scott Poncy