Goals to Be Created in Strategic Planning Subcommittee Meetings

All the Strategic Planning Subcommittee meetings will be held at our school district office at 6:00 pm on the dates listed below:
  • Tuesday, February 28th (Student Achievement focus)

    • Priorities: academics/grades, course options, classroom culture

  • Tuesday, March 7th (Facilities focus)

    • Priorities: classroom planning, extra-curricular activities, safety, maintenance

  • Tuesday, March 14th (Curriculum focus)

    • Priorities: K-5, 6-8, 9-12, all schools

  • Tuesday, March 28th (School Safety focus)

    • Priorities: high school, middle school, elementary school, all schools, drug education

  • Tuesday, April 4th (Community Relations focus)

    • Priorities: information to the community, information within the schools, input from the community, working with organizations in the community

The agenda for each meeting will include a brief report on the current conditions related to each focus area and time for the creation of goals for each priority in the focus area. All our school district patrons are invited to attend and participate in these Strategic Planning Subcommittee meetings. Our goal is to have a Strategic Plan to present to our school board for approval by the end of this school year.