NPSD Enrollment and Attendance Up in 2022-23

The school district is putting measures in place to ensure our schools provide high-quality teaching and learning for our students, even with the increase in enrollment. Such measures include hiring additional support staff and purchasing additional curriculum materials and supplies. Since funding for our schools is based on the previous year's enrollment, the state has a mechanism for supporting districts with unexpected increased enrollment called an emergency school levy.
Based on the increase in students this school year, our school district qualified for a $582,210 emergency school levy for one year. However, our school board decided to certify for $425,000. This amount will help the district cover the additional expenses associated with the increase in student enrollment, without placing undue burden on the school district's patrons. Since the market value of the properties in the school district has been increasing, the impact to the individual taxpayer for school district levies has been decreasing each year. Due to that, the net increase in taxes to support our schools with this emergency levy this year will be $10.24 per $100,000 of assessed property value. Click here to view the legally-required post regarding our emergency school levy.     
We appreciate the ongoing support of our schools, faculty, staff, and students!